Video file

  • Format: any extension, but preferred ones are mp4 and mov.

  • Weight: 150 mo.

  • Bitrate : high.

  • Résolution: 1920x1080 or 1280x720

  • Length: max 30 seconds.

In general the video should be a good quality file. Our system automatically transcodes the source file into multiple files that fit for each device.


  • Video file.

  • Third party redirect (VAST).

Landing Page & Tracking

Destination URL

  • Any URL that points to the advertiser's landing page

Click Tracker

  • Accepted

Impression Tracker

  • Accepted

Video Event Trackers

  • Accepted

Google Analytics UTM or similar URL params

  • Recommended

In-Depth technical specifications


Max 30 seconds, however we recommend 15 seconds to get the highest score in completion rate.

Audio initiation

Sound OFF by default, always user initiated on click action.


Autoplay by default. On pause when user scrolls away or frame's size visibility is less than 50%.

Landing Page & Tracking

  • URL must be properly encoded.

  • URL must be secure (https://).

Native video vs Outstream ad

  • They may share the same ad positions, but have a different structure and style. The oustream format is solely dedicated to the video content, whereas the native video combines video with textual/graphical assets.