Ad sizes

  • Billboard (970x250) *

  • Super Leaderboard (970x90)

  • Leaderboard (728x90).

  • Halfpage (300x600) *

  • Medium Rectangle (300x250) *

  • Extended Mobile Banner (320x100) *

  • Mobile Banner (320x50).

  • Wide Skyscraper (160x600) *

* Ideal ad sizes. Other sizes remain optionnal.


  • Banner : 150 ko


  • HTML5 file.

  • Image.

  • Third party redirect.

Landing Page & Tracking

Destination URL

  • Any URL that points to the advertiser's landing page

Click Tracker

  • Accepted

Impression Tracker

  • Accepted

Google Analytics UTM or similar URL params

  • Recommended

HTML5 specifications

  • clickTAG

In the <head> section of the html banner include this code:

<script type="text/javascript">var clickTag = ""; </script>

The url added here will be overwritten by the adserver, but when the default url is known it's a good idea to enter it here as well as a fallback.

In the <body> section of the html add this code:

<a href=" window.clickTag )"> <!-- your actual banner code --> </a>

So what you need to do is add an <a> tag around the full banner content so everything is clickable

  • General

Within the <head> tag of a html 5 banner use the <meta> tag with the name “ad.size” to mark the ad dimensions. For example, if the ad was build as a 300x250, define it as follows: <meta name="ad.size" content="width=300, height=250">

Deliver back-up material in GIF or JPG. The back-up must have the same name as the banner.

Each banner must be delivered in "zip" format". The file size mentioned above is for a zipped banner. Don't nest zip files. A delivery is 1 zip file of a folder containing a zip file per banner + a backup image per banner.

To avoid heavy load on a non-adapted server and to use the browser-cashed versions of popular libraries.

In-Depth technical specifications


max 15 seconds (unlimited during user interaction) with maximum 3 loops within those 15 seconds.

Audio initiation

Sound OFF by default, always user initiated on click action. All advertising formats that use sound must feature a sound on/off button.


Up to 30 seconds (for more, it should be user initiated). All advertising formats that use audiovisual content must have a set of control buttons (play, pause, sound on/off, replay, etc.)

Close button

For any interruptive advertising material like expandable, overlay format and so on, the format must include a close button at the corner.

Landing Page & Tracking

  • URL must be properly encoded.

  • URL must be secure (https://).