Responsive Ads

Ad Size


  • Landscape (1,91:1) : 1200x628 (high) and 600x314 (low).

  • Square: 1200x1200 (high) and 300x300 (low).


  • Landscape (4:1): 1200x300 (high) and512x128 (low).

  • Square: 1200x1200 (high) and 128x128 (low).



  • Max 15 images.

  • Min 1 image.


  • Max 5 logos.

  • Min 1 logo.


  • 5 mo for each asset.

Text assets

  • Up to 5 titles of 30 characters each.

  • Up to 5 descriptions of 90 characters each.

  • One long title of 90 characters.

Image quality

Each image should meet high quality standards. This list sums up a few things (but not limited to) that you should bear in mind

  • Should be well oriented (not skewed, not stretched, and so on).

  • No blur effect.

  • No flashy elements.

  • No blinking elements.

  • No visual effects that attract immediate attention.

  • No bad quality images.

Third party ad tags

In case you are willing to use third party ad tags, those are perfectly fine as long as they meet the general requirements and abide by the general advertising rules. You can consult the general banner specs for more information.

Landing Page & Tracking

Destination URL

  • Any URL that points to the advertiser's landing page.

Click Tracker

  • Accepted (must be compatible with parallel tracking).

Impression Tracker

  • Not accepted.

Google Analytics UTM or similar URL params

  • Highly recommended.